Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another idea to help you stay current...

If you read a bunch of blogs, and you don't want to miss a single episode of any, especially the latest ShoeString post, you can use a tool called a reader.  Probably the fastest and easiest one to set up for most of us is the Google Reader.   Just log in with your Google user account, subscribe to the sites you'd like to watch, and see all the updates to all your favorite sites in one place!  Easy peasy.  

How to's follow after supper.  Maybe even (gasp!) a quick video tutorial!

Happy New Year everyone!


Robert said...

I also use this on my mac in conjunction with Google Reader (I'm sure there's something similar for pc). It puts a little numerical update icon in your top menu bar and in preferences you can list how many updates you want it to show. Quite handy and means you don't have to log into Google Reader each time.

Jan McLaughlin said...

Means of keeping in touch for digital groups is always a matter for discussion. The bottom line is that each person finds their preferred means, and makes sure they are able to keep up with what's going on to the extent they wish to keep up.

In the past, what's worked has been a combination of things, including but not limited to:

1) an email list
2) multi-user blog site
3) a wiki
4) a calendar (when events begin to be produced)

Since I was last active in a group project, other tools have emerged:

1) Twitter - micro blog --> SMS --> anywhere communications tool
2) Facebook
3) Qik - live-streamed & archived cell phone video host/distributor
4) Utterli - archived cell phone audio storage / distribution tool
5) Seesmic - video conversation tool

Whatever tools individual artists prefer to use to collect our collective digital ephemera, all of the things we add here should be able to get to that tool via this site's RSS posts and RSS comments feeds.

Will poke around the innards here and make sure both posts and comments feeds are visible.

Delighted to see some activity from MB's tribe.